TwilioCon 2012 is coming

The second annual TwilioCon is fast approaching, and we’re thrilled that our own Ricky Robinett, hacker extraordinaire, will be a featured speaker at the SF-based event.

If you don’t know Twilio, you should: They’re making telecom accessible for over 10 million developers worldwide to be able to automate phone calls, text messages, and more. Next generation communications are essential to what Ordr.in does for restaurants, and Twilio makes it easy.  

Ricky’s apps have been used by hundreds of thousands of users and covered in multiple media outlets including CNN, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat and the Today Show.

TwilioCon early bird registration ends in just a couple of weeks, so take a look at the schedule and speakers. And let us know if we’ll see you there!


Foursquare Use in New York Restaurants

We’re pretty much data fanatics at Ordr.in. It’s a calling. We finally decided to put our data nerd-dom to good use: Check out our first infographic, Foursquare in the Big Apple. Over one month, we tracked checkins, new visits and tips at 618 NYC restaurants using the Foursquare venues API. And when the data was in, we turned it over to the ever talented Susie Forbath, our design intern.

The process gleaned some useful and sometimes surprising information to help restaurants better understand their Foursquare customer base.

Some key takeaways

  • NYC restaurants receive on average 9 check ins from Foursquare users each day.
  • On average, Manhattan restaurants get more Foursquare check ins each week than the other four NYC boroughs combined.
  • 61% of Foursquare check ins on Saturdays in NYC are from new customers; and Monday-Wednesday is slow for checkins but heavily from loyal, repeat customers.

You can see the Foursquare infographic and the full dataset. We’d love to hear your reactions in the comments below. And if anyone at Foursquare wants to give us access to the firehose… Jus’ saying.


Quick Serve Leader calls Ordr.in a “top 10 technology to watch in the restaurant industry”

Restaurant professionals will want to take notice of this one: Quick Serve Leader has a write up of the new Ordr.in online food ordering app for the Facebook timeline. The key takeaway is that the restaurant technology we’re hard at work on building is really the future of online food ordering.

The article points to our new Facebook timeline app, ready-made for restaurants to plug into their Facebook page to serve current customers and attract new ones, as a breakthrough marketing and branding tool for local restaurants.

Also mentioned in the article is the discouraging reality that restaurants are often sorely pressed to keep finding new customers, and the struggle to know where to put marketing dollars to attract new customers can be a significant challenge. Quick Serve Leader sees the Ordr.in partner network as a big win that helps restaurants “access a typically hard-to-reach customer group” without a lot of effort.

And yes, as we’re quoted, Ordr.in is indeed “thinking very big.” Quick Serve Leader dives into some of the features and new tools our API makes possible – check out the full article to find out more.


Facebook Timeline Integration for Restaurants? We’ve Got It

Today Ordr.in is thrilled to announce that our API and white-label apps for restaurants are integrated with the Facebook timeline. Customers using Ordr.in tools will be able to “crave” favorite menu items, and publish what they crave and order to their timeline and friends’ news feeds. 

In 1997 people wondered if shopping online would ever be mainstream. Give my credit card to a website? Uh…. And in 2005 the idea of using your phone for commerce was far, far from mainstream. Still today, socially integrated shopping — especially inside Facebook — is hotly debated. 

It shouldn’t be.

Shopping is one of the most inherently social things we do. We buy for each other, with each other. Friend recommendations are powerful drivers of purchase behavior. Social commerce is already all around us. When social shopping rock star Fab.com integrated with the timeline they saw Facebook referral traffic double

By introducing the first social dining app on Facebook that integrates restaurant delivery into the timeline, Ordr.in is excited to be on the cutting edge of making online shopping activities as social as they are offline.

Restaurants who want to get their own Facebook food ordering app can learn more here and pre-enroll here.  And if you have questions, contact us here.  

Friends and followers are nice. But at Ordr.in we give local restaurants the tools to find, engage and transact with customers. By adding food ordering to the Facebook timeline, restaurants can give their customers a way to bring their restaurant dining experiences to life online. 

Today’s announcement is a great step forward for restaurants and for Ordr.in.


Welcome Deepthi Welaratna

This week, Deepthi Welaratna joined Ordr.in as Director of Marketing. She is responsible for all aspects of Ordr.in’s brand, communication and community engagement. We are thrilled to have her and humbled that she joined Ordr.in.

Frankly, while recruiting for the job we had a stereotype in mind. But as stereotypes are want to do, this one blew apart in the face of reality. Ordr.in didn’t know we needed Deepthi until I opened her resume and went “Oooooh.  Better.” She is the ultimate value added teammate.

See where Deepthi has worked here, learn more about her here, and follow her ramblings here. You will find a fun, thoughtful and dedicated person. A great partner and wonderful new colleague.

So much terrific stuff ahead.  We will get there faster and better with Deepthi on the team.